CO2 Monitor UK Businesses Need To Have

A CO2 monitor UK is a relatively simple and inexpensive device that can be useful to a host of businesses.  They can help businesses and save them money and more importantly, they can save lives.

co2 monitor UK

CO vs CO2 Monitor UK Dangers

Unlike its deadly cousin carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide is much safer generally speaking than carbon monoxide, however that does not mean it is completely harmless.  Carbon monoxide or CO is usually known as the silent killer because it is colorless, odourless, tasteless and does not irritate the body.  It can kill you quickly and you won’t even know that it is happening.  It is present both indoors and outside, usually coming from household appliances that burn some kind of fuel when found indoors.  Outside the biggest source of CO is from vehicles.  Companies can use devices to target CO and CO2 monitor UK levels.

co2 monitor UK

CO2 Is Less Toxic But Still Dangerous

Many people are well aware of the dangers of CO but not as informed when it comes to CO2.  Most people may think that it is not toxic and since we breathe it out it must be safe to be around.  Of course everyone knows about the harmful effects that CO2 has on our atmosphere, but not everyone knows what it can do to their body. 

co2 monitor uk

CO2 Monitor UK In The Workplace

CO2 is similar to CO in that it is usually colourless and odourless, however it does have a faint acidic taste.  As mentioned, CO2 is the result of human metabolism (ie people breathing it out) so if you are somewhere like an office environment with lots of people working in the same room, CO2 levels can build up gradually.  If the levels of CO2 reach a significant amount, people can experience headaches and fatigue with no real explanation of what is going on.  Higher concentrations can result in nausea, dizziness and vomiting, and very high amounts in a certain area can lead to loss of consciousness. 

co2 monitor uk


UK building regulations state that all new buildings must be made with sufficient ventilation so as to bring in clean and fresh air.  These regulations state that buildings with a lot of people must have significantly more ventilation, due to the build of gases like CO2.  This means that the extraction systems must be adequate enough to cope with the build up of CO2 in the air and must be able to expel it at a fast enough rate.  CO2 monitor UK becomes a very useful tool for any organisation that may have doubts as to whether or not it is operating within safe CO2 levels.



  • Modified atmospheres – environments where air and atmosphere values are controlled
  • Indoor air quality – checking the quality of air in a room
  • Stowaway detection – checking for stowaways on in cargo and logistics
  • Cellar and gas stores – for checking for leaks in bottles and equipment
  • Marine vessels – when build up of human CO2 occurs
  • Greenhouses – checking for build up in a sealed environment
  • Landfill gas – checking for gas
  • Confined spaces – for workers who may suffer poisoning
  • Aerospace – astronauts need a simulated atmosphere
  • Healthcare applications
  • Horticulture – for CO2 supplementation for plants
  • Transportation
  • Ventilation management – testing the effectiveness of ventilation
  • Mining – confined space testing

Fireworks: Are They Becoming Too Dangerous?

There have always been concerns about these explosive devices, but now more than ever people are calling for restrictions and even outright banning of fireworks.  Here in Scotland, there is currently a team commissioned by the Scottish government that is working on a plan to introduce controls in fireworks being used on private properties.  The team is being led by 30 year fire chief veteran Alasdair Hay, and the group will address concerns over firework safety and look into implementing curfews and no firework zones. 

These efforts come after a recent survey showed strong support in favour of new regulations for fireworks, amidst calls from campaigners to end the grief caused by fireworks.  The Scottish government survey received 16,000 responses, the results of which are outlined below.

  • 94% of people want stricter controls on the sale of fireworks
  • 92% want to see tighter controls on the use of fireworks
  • 93% want stronger regulations to ensure that there is no unnecessary suffering by animals caused by fireworks being set off
  • 87% of people support an outright ban on the sale of fireworks
  • 70% of people say they have been affected by fireworks being used in an unsafe manner

The action group called in to bring about change on the sale and use of fireworks say they will use these statistics to find a solution that has the wider public safety and interests in mind.

Animal groups and charities say that these changes are long overdue, and welcome the reform.  These groups say they have been campaigning for years trying to bring about tighter regulations on fireworks due to the stress and anxiety they bring to pets all across the country.  There are hundreds of cases every year of animals being hurt trying to escape, birds flying into electricity pylons and horses trying to jump barbed wire fences.

Hand Forklifts Can Transform Your Company

Hand forklifts can prove extremely important with regards to companies being able to differentiate themselves from rival firms. Hand forklift can provide employees with an excellent opportunity to improve their productivity levels. People often fail to appreciate the enormity of people’s physical well-being in order for their output to be as high quality as possible. Otherwise people can fail to maximise their full potential within their employment as they can become extremely focused towards their own safety rather than thinking solely about taking their work output to the next level which is ultimately extremely important for the rest of their career.

hand forklifts

Hand Forklifts

Hand forklifts are immensely important in modern business and can prove extremely useful for people who want to maximise the amount of work they are able to undertake in a shift. Top level management in companies need to appreciate the importance of their companies meeting the needs of their consumers. Consumers needs are constantly developing and evolving, it is immensely important that boardroom level appreciates this. People can become impacted by boardroom members not believing in the importance of their specific needs being met. It is vital that all consumers are treated with the same level of respect which ensures that their needs can be catered to.

hand forklifts

Changing Needs

Needs can regularly be transformed in businesses which results in businesses being forced to transform the way that they conduct their everyday business operations. Ultimately, if a large client with a formidable budget makes themselves known to you it is likely that the company will want to develop their overall offering considerably to the stage that they can cater to their needs. Companies will not want to miss out on money which could potentially make the business much more likely to withstand future economic pressures. Companies who are operating at the top level fully appreciate the importance of adopting their practices rather than expecting consumers to change their needs.

hand forklifts

Adapting Processes

Adapting a business’ protocol can often be perceived as an incredibly difficult process for people to undertake. Regularly people will lose sight of the immense importance of regularly changing the way the company does things to keep employees interested. Companies who become set in their ways can risk their employees losing considerable amounts of motivation. This can ultimately result in a company becoming seriously impacted as a result of employees essentially downing tools because they no longer feel attached to the company they work for. Simple activities can be introduced by companies which can help ensure that employees remain interested.

hand forklifts

Making An Effort

A company being shown to make a considerable effort with people can prove to be extremely beneficial to the overall longevity of the firm. Ultimately, employees are the lifeblood of a company. If they fail to appreciate the immense importance of their employees being treated with mass levels of respect then they can easily lose interest. It is vital that firms have incentives involved in their business plans which help their employees remain motivated even in instances where they may feel unsatisfied.

How to Get the Most Out of Batteries for Electric Golf Carts

If you are getting an electric golf cart and want to get the most out of your battery life or if you have had a few electric golf carts and your battery life has been pretty disappointing, then this article can help.


Like with most pieces of electronic equipment you can get; electric golf carts can have multiple different types of charger to choose from. Overcharging your electric golf cart battery can cause it to become damaged, which may mean that you don’t get the same lifespan out of it. However, you can now get automatic electric golf cart chargers that will switch off when the battery is funny charged, saving your battery in the process. If your electric golf cart is an older model, it may not have this type of charger created for it, so finding out the charge time and setting a timer to remind you to switch it off can also be a good option.

It is recommended to charge your golf cart every time you use it and encouraged to not let electric golf carts run until the battery dies altogether, as this can reduce the battery life drastically – especially in lead-acid batteries for electric golf carts.

Maintaining Electric Golf Carts

Maintaining electric golf carts will help improve the overall lifespan, this includes cleaning batteries and checking the water level on a monthly basis. Cleaning the batteries will help prevent corrosion which will ultimately lead to a longer lifespan. The term “watering batteries” may seem like a bad idea to some, but when it comes to vehicles such as electric golf carts it is essential. You can either do it yourself – although it’s essential to be careful and check the water level, or you can get a battery watering system.


If you leave any sort of electronic device on for long periods of time, it is likely to have an effect on the battery life and electric golf carts are no different. If you leave the power on for too long when it’s not in use, you may end up needing to jumpstart your electric golf cart. It’s also important to remember and turn off all lights and other accessories.

The way you drive can also effect the lifespan of electric golf carts. to help you get the most out of your electric golf carts you should avoid steep hills and avoid overloading the cart – only take what you need and don’t exceed the weight limit.


When you follow these helpful hints and tips regarding the lifespan of batteries for electric golf carts, then you should get a minimum of 5 years out of the battery before needing to replace it. This will also help you get the most out of a single charge of your golf cart and allow you to travel a further distance without needing to recharge. When replacing batteries for electric golf carts, always ensure that they are good quality.


Four Of The Best Money-Saving Tips For Visiting London

If you are booking a trip to London, you need to know that it’s going to be expensive. Widely regarded as one of the most expensive places to visit in the UK, London can be a killer on your wallet.

However, there are deals to be had. We have found some of the best tips for saving money on a trip to London. Some will still cost you some money, but all will help you get by without some of the majorly high costs that you may have experienced otherwise.

Read on to find out how to save money on your next trip to London.

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Working for a better online campaign using lead generation services

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Lead Generation Services To Survive Online

2019 – almost everything is digital. The way we consume music, clothing, art, sport, food, travel, books…almost all products and services can now be seen or consumed online through different digital platforms, such as mobile. We now rely on the internet more than ever and most businesses are clever enough to take advantage of this. However with the internet and digital world becoming more crowded year on year it is vital you are seen amongst the mass. If you are a service brand or an e-commerce brand you’re main goal should be to get leads to your website – whether that is a lead to an enquiry form to book a quote or a lead to a webpage to purchase an item. Using lead generation services is the answer for a successful online campaign to reach your goals.

Using lead generation services to improve your campaign

Here are out top 3 reasons why you should use lead generation services:

  1. Gain Googles Trust

using lead generation services and google will trust you Google, as we know, holds all the power when it comes to controlling the success of your brand online. The more links you have on websites then the more Google will trust your website. Once Google trusts your website then they are more likely to rank your website higher. For example if you own a local Italian restaurant in Glasgow, you want to rank on the 1st page if not the top of the 1st page when someone types into the search bar, or asks ’Hey Google…Italian restaurant Glasgow.  You then want the customer to click on your website and book a table online or call you up for a reservation – this is the lead. Lead generation services can advise you how to do this through SEO – blogging, creating links etc.

  1. Online is a battlefield

As mentioned before, the internet is an overcrowded place full of competing computerbusinesses. Whether you are a blogger, restaurant, joiner services or cooperate bank you need to be visible to your customer. We spoke about how Google needs to trust you to rank you – but lets get into the nitty gritty.  You need to be constantly knowing and understanding what your competitors are doing – what are they blogging? Who are referencing them? How easy is their website to navigate and HOW are they getting their leads? You also need to do your keyword research. This is studying what consumers are typing into the search bar to find you or your competitor. By plastering these keywords all over your website and in your back links this will enable Google to rank your website above your competitors so your customer will reach your landing page. Lead generation services can also help you analyse your competitors and keywords.

  1. Generate business interest

Your landing page or ‘lead’ needs to be easily found and navigated to ensure the customer follows through. Lead generation services can help give advice on how to improve your landing page – which will usually be an online enquiry/ booking form or a payment page. A better landing page with give you better chances of gaining a lead and therefore you can reach your end goals.

importance of lead generation services

Lead Generation Services

Utilising lead generation services can prove incredibly useful with regards to improving employee morale. Employees can potentially feel like they are a far bigger part of something than they may have previously estimated. People can become susceptible to negativity if they are constantly being rejected by companies as they attempt to sell the services of their firm to them. However, by using a lead generation firm this can allow the company to have leads present themselves to the workers, thus increasing positive feelings about their workplace.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses | Benefits of Crash Courses in Driving

If you have been considering learning to drive, why not think about intensive driving courses. Although some people think it is reckless to be legally driving on the roads after only 1 to 2 weeks of lessons, it’s also one of the most effective ways of learning. Taking a crash course in driving comes with a range of advantages.

We have collated some of the most popular benefits of intensive driving courses so that you can make your own mind up. Find out now why you should try intensive driving courses.

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Bet Careers | Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Professional Gambler

There are many different bet careers out there. Over the past decade the betting industry has grown at astronomical rates, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. For some people, becoming a professional gambler would be a dream come true and nowadays, that dream is possible. Here is everything you need to know about becoming a professional gambler.

bet careers

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The exterior of the Dhabba, an Indian restaurant in Glasgow City Centre.

Need An Indian Restaurant In Glasgow City Centre? Try The Dhabba

In the UK, we have a huge and perhaps growing love for all styles of Indian cuisine. In terms of the common takeaway, 24% of UK residents favoured Indian over other takeaway options like Chinese, fish and chips, or pizza.  With this in mind, many visitors to Glasgow- as well as residents- are always on the lookout for a great Indian restaurant in Glasgow City Centre. We decided to find some of our top picks and share our thoughts with the readers. Our favourite so far has been the Dhabba, an authentic North Indian restaurant based in the Merchant City area.

Read on and find out what we thought of this local Indian restaurant in Glasgow City Centre.

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Party Town: A List of Cities with the Best Nightlife

If you – like most of us – love to party, then going to a foreign land is an exciting prospect. You get to see how other cultures spend their nights going wild. Some places are better at this than others. Whether it’s the venues, events or people. The fact of the matter is that some cities know how to party better. Here is a list of the cities with the best nightlife:

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