Speak Up

It is important to have a voice at work and learn to say no when things are getting too much. It is of course great to show enthusiasm and have great work ethic but taking on extra work with no extra pay or recognition, will massively throw off your healthy work-life balance.

You can explain in a respectful, mature way that you are unable to take on extra workload on top of your own due to timing and schedules. This will make your working days less stressful, and you can plan your tasks in advance to achieve them in a timely manner.

Enjoy Your Time Off

At the end of the working day, it is important that you switch off and do something that makes you happy and that you enjoy. It is of course normal to pick up some extra overtime when things need done for a specific deadline, however, make sure to free up your weekends and days off. Switching off at the appropriate times will keep your mind clear and improve your performance when you do go back to work.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, it can be tempting to skip your lunch breaks when you feel like work is overwhelming and demanding. However, you should always make sure you are taking your breaks as required. It is an opportunity to reset your brain, and look at things with a different, more logical perspective.