There are many different bet careers out there. Over the past decade the betting industry has grown at astronomical rates, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. For some people, becoming a professional gambler would be a dream come true and nowadays, that dream is possible. Here is everything you need to know about becoming a professional gambler.

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Job Description

The job description for a professional gambler is based on what you decide to gamble on. It is possible to bet across different sports but to be a professional gambler, it can be a good idea to specialise in just one or two. Being a professional gambler takes a lot of knowledge and research and even then you can still suffer huge losses as nothing is certain in these types of bet careers. Trying to spread yourself across too many different betting platforms may not be the best way to progress.

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Working Hours

The working hours are extremely flexible for a professional gambler; you aren’t tied to any specific working hours because you choose your own. You just need to make a decision whether you gamble online, in the casino or at the bookies, this will depend on what sort of gambling you choose to specialise in. If you opt for the online option you can work anytime, day or night. If you opt for the more traditional route, then you will have restrictions with closing times of casinos and bookies. But most casinos are open until early in the morning and bookies are open all day.

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Opting for professional bet careers will mean that you have no fixed salary. Instead, your salary will be based on your wins (or your losses), this can make or break someone who is trying to become a professional gambler and will really test your ability.

The great thing about being a professional gambler is due to the flexibility of the job, you can opt to take up a part-time job on the side to ensure that you always have a steady flow of money coming in. This part-time job could even be at the bookies or a casino, giving you more knowledge and experience in the field that you want to break into of professional bet careers.

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There are some places that offer a degree in gambling that can be taken as an elective subject when combined with Business, Economics and Finance. Although this isn’t essential for someone who wants to become a professional gambler, it can be useful and if you get the opportunity to do something like this it might be a good idea to take it.

The casino industry recognises and backs this course as it is designed to produce a better quality of casino staff and at the end of the day, a comprehensive understanding of the betting industry can be extremely useful to a professional gambler.