Managing your finances can be a tricky and potentially large task. However it doesn’t have to be difficult as there are is plenty of information and guides online where you access information and support for any financial issues you may need to resolve or review overall. Here are some of my best tips for managing you money.

Knowing Where You Stand

One of the most important things you can do when managing your money is deciding where you stand overall. Doing this is good because it means that you can identify your main costs and outgoings/major spends.

If you don’t know how much you make each month and how much you spend , then it will be much more difficult for you to manage your finances. A great way in which you can calculate this is by speaking to a bank staff member or checking your bank statements. Doing this will help to build a picture of your overall incomings and outgoings

Caluclating Your Overall Cash Flow

One great way in which you can calculate your cash flow is through an app. Doing this means you can gain a better overall understanding of how much money you have to save or use for additional purchases outside of essentials.

Using a financial app or free online web tool can help to greatly simplify the process. But be wary of how your data is used and what data it needs to access. In addition to downloading a financial app or banking app to calculate how much money you have , another way you can manage your money is by building a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets are a brilliant way through which you can keep track of how much you are spending each month overall and budget accordingly. Budgeting is when you divide up your costs into essentials and non essentials in order to manage your money better overall.

You can also assign budgets for individual spends e.g spending for food , clothes etc.

How To Save More Money

There are a variety of ways in which you can save more money overall. One of the most effective ways in which you can save up more money overall is by spending less on “extras” each month. This means getting rid of some luxuries in order to save up some extra cash.

Another way in which you can save up more money is by always shopping around for better deals on different products and services. There are variety of different products and services that you can often change for a better tariff

Mobile phone contacts , electricity bills , car insurance , central heating , home insurance etc are just a few of the bills which you could save on by changing provider every once in a while. If you are considering doing this there is a large volume of online guides on how to do this.

Investments are also another brilliant way in which you can make your overall cash flow or savings grow.


To summarise it would appear that managing finance can be a difficult and worrying prospect for some. However there are many sources of support where you can good advice and guidance on how to manage your finance and improve your overall savings as well as the way you spend.