A CO2 monitor UK is a relatively simple and inexpensive device that can be useful to a host of businesses.  They can help businesses and save them money and more importantly, they can save lives.

co2 monitor UK

CO vs CO2 Monitor UK Dangers

Unlike its deadly cousin carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide is much safer generally speaking than carbon monoxide, however that does not mean it is completely harmless.  Carbon monoxide or CO is usually known as the silent killer because it is colorless, odourless, tasteless and does not irritate the body.  It can kill you quickly and you won’t even know that it is happening.  It is present both indoors and outside, usually coming from household appliances that burn some kind of fuel when found indoors.  Outside the biggest source of CO is from vehicles.  Companies can use devices to target CO and CO2 monitor UK levels.

co2 monitor UK

CO2 Is Less Toxic But Still Dangerous

Many people are well aware of the dangers of CO but not as informed when it comes to CO2.  Most people may think that it is not toxic and since we breathe it out it must be safe to be around.  Of course everyone knows about the harmful effects that CO2 has on our atmosphere, but not everyone knows what it can do to their body. 

co2 monitor uk

CO2 Monitor UK In The Workplace

CO2 is similar to CO in that it is usually colourless and odourless, however it does have a faint acidic taste.  As mentioned, CO2 is the result of human metabolism (ie people breathing it out) so if you are somewhere like an office environment with lots of people working in the same room, CO2 levels can build up gradually.  If the levels of CO2 reach a significant amount, people can experience headaches and fatigue with no real explanation of what is going on.  Higher concentrations can result in nausea, dizziness and vomiting, and very high amounts in a certain area can lead to loss of consciousness. 

co2 monitor uk


UK building regulations state that all new buildings must be made with sufficient ventilation so as to bring in clean and fresh air.  These regulations state that buildings with a lot of people must have significantly more ventilation, due to the build of gases like CO2.  This means that the extraction systems must be adequate enough to cope with the build up of CO2 in the air and must be able to expel it at a fast enough rate.  CO2 monitor UK becomes a very useful tool for any organisation that may have doubts as to whether or not it is operating within safe CO2 levels.



  • Modified atmospheres – environments where air and atmosphere values are controlled
  • Indoor air quality – checking the quality of air in a room
  • Stowaway detection – checking for stowaways on in cargo and logistics
  • Cellar and gas stores – for checking for leaks in bottles and equipment
  • Marine vessels – when build up of human CO2 occurs
  • Greenhouses – checking for build up in a sealed environment
  • Landfill gas – checking for gas
  • Confined spaces – for workers who may suffer poisoning
  • Aerospace – astronauts need a simulated atmosphere
  • Healthcare applications
  • Horticulture – for CO2 supplementation for plants
  • Transportation
  • Ventilation management – testing the effectiveness of ventilation
  • Mining – confined space testing