Music affects the brain in more ways than we know, there is a lot of theories about how music reacts with the brain, but this article will tell you the facts that we currently know about it.

The Goosebumps You Get When Listening to Music Are Caused by the Brain Releasing Dopamine

Dopamine is one of the feel-good chemicals that our brain releases in order to give us happiness and enjoyment. Dopamine is what motivates people, but is also associated with addiction. The chills that you get when listening to music is your brain releasing dopamine in anticipation of the peak moment in the song.

Music is One of the Few Things That Utilises the Entire Brain

Research has shown that music is one of the only activities that uses the entire human brain. Experts believe that music can activate the emotional, motor and creative areas of the brain.

Playing Music Regularly Will Physically Alter Your Brain Structure

Your brain has the ability to change throughout your life. The most common changes occur where the neutrons connect. A study was done on professional musicians, amateur musicians and non-musicians. They found that the cortex volume was the higher in professional and amateur musicians than in non-musicians.

The Brain Responds to Music in the Same Way It Responds When We Eat Something

Dopamine is part of what gives you a feeling of euphoria, this commonly occurs with addiction, sex and eating. Dopamine allows a person to feel pleasure. Studies have shown that the brain can have the same reaction to music as it does when a person is anticipating food.

Listening to Music Whilst Working Out Can Significantly Improve Your Performance

There have been many studies into listening to music whilst working out. Music has been shown to make your brain feel like it’s experiencing less fatigue and can heighten your mood and make you feel more motivated to work out. Listening to music whilst working out will give you an all-round better experience than working out without.

Emotions Play a Big Part in Our Favourite Song Choices

We all have that “guilty pleasure” song or that song that we’re not quite sure why we like it but we do anyway. A lot of people’s favourite songs change as music develops and new music gets released. But for those older songs that you still love, the reason behind this may be that you have an emotional memory attached to it.