Summertime is great, the days are longer the weather is warmer and people are all round a little happier. This article will tell you ways that you can still enjoy summer, even when working 9-5.

Wake Up Early

Waking up earlier than usual isn’t the easiest thing for everyone. But even getting up half an hour extra opens up opportunities of what you can do with your morning before you start work. If you live close enough to work where you can walk or cycle, then getting up earlier will not only let you enjoy being outside for a while, it can also wake you up and prepare you better for the day ahead.

If you are unable to walk or cycle to work, try going in a little earlier and taking a walk somewhere near your work before heading in.

Don’t Waste Your Evenings

It can be tempting after a long day of working to go home and sit in front of the telly for the rest of the night. But at this time of year it’s light until about 8 and in peak summer until 10. This gives you 2-4 hours that you could be spending outside enjoying the weather. Try having a BBQ, sitting out and reading or just pottering around in the garden for a while.

Plan Your Weekends

You don’t need to plan every weekend but at least every second weekend try and do something fun, go somewhere you’ve never been before or try a new skill. This will help you get your mind out of the office and allow you to enjoy the free time that you do have.

Book a Holiday

Booking a holiday can be a great option if you want to take a break and get away, enjoy the sun for a week instead of a weekend. It doesn’t even need to be expensive, there are many stay-cations that allow you to enjoy the weather around the UK for a fraction of the price of going abroad. If the UK weather isn’t quite cutting it for you, then there are normally always options of cheap flights and accommodation in Europe, if you know where to look.

Spend Your Lunch Break Outside

If you want to cram as much being outside into your summer as you can, you could always sit outside for lunch. Grab a picnic and find a nice place near your work that you can sit and watch the world go by.

Try a New Fitness Routine

Forget about getting that “summer body” and actually try and enjoy yourself when exercising. If your fitness routine is mainly inside, see what parts you can incorporate into the outdoors. Some instructors offer outdoor boot camps during the summer, if that’s not really your scene then even going for a run, walk or hike are all good ways of incorporating fitness into the outdoors.