If you have been considering learning to drive, why not think about intensive driving courses. Although some people think it is reckless to be legally driving on the roads after only 1 to 2 weeks of lessons, it’s also one of the most effective ways of learning. Taking a crash course in driving comes with a range of advantages.

We have collated some of the most popular benefits of intensive driving courses so that you can make your own mind up. Find out now why you should try intensive driving courses.

It’s The Celeb’s Choice

You may not know it, but celebrities love intensive driving courses. From Adele to Pixie Geldof, many celebs are taking to the roads after a short course. This does help strengthen the argument that they are fast and effective. Celebrities have very little time to spare and are constantly on the move, so a driving crash course would make sense for them. Even if you are not a reality TV star, there will still be incredible benefits to intensive driving courses.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses Are Usually Cheaper

One of the most popular benefits is that these crash courses are normally much cheaper in the long run.  Ranging from the £500 to £1000 range, you can choose just how intense it will be. Considering the DVLA recommend that you take 47 hours of driving lessons, the courses will definitely work out cheaper. Especially when the average driving lesson costs £22! And that is before you add on the costs of the two individuals tests. The cost for both the tests and every hour of driving is included in your intensive driving courses cost so it does work out as being cost-effective.

Learn By Sharing A Car

Another advantage that appeals to many is sharing a car. Basically, two individuals will take the crash course at the same time and will take it in turns to drive. This allows you to learn from the other driver’s mistakes. When you are driving, there is a tendency to focus on other cars and not on your technique. Watching others allows you to see what their hands and feet are doing, to either emulate or avoid doing the same.

Intensive Driving Courses

Great For Meeting Deadlines

Another popular advantage is that intensive driving courses will help you learn in time for that big deadline. If you need to be able to drive for your job or would like it done before you move house, it can help you learn fast. This is really beneficial especially for people who may not have driven in a few years and would like a refresher course.