If you are booking a trip to London, you need to know that it’s going to be expensive. Widely regarded as one of the most expensive places to visit in the UK, London can be a killer on your wallet.

However, there are deals to be had. We have found some of the best tips for saving money on a trip to London. Some will still cost you some money, but all will help you get by without some of the majorly high costs that you may have experienced otherwise.

Read on to find out how to save money on your next trip to London.

Oyster Cards

One of the best things about London is the ease of public transport. For buses, trains and the underground it is recommended that you get an Oyster card. Order your Visitor Oyster card before you get to London, top it up when you get there and you will save up to 50% on some journeys instead of buying a single journey ticket. It saves you time at stations and will save so much money.

It’s worth noting too that kids under 11 go free on most public transport. As long as they are travelling with a paying adult. Kids between 11 and 15 can get a reduced rate on fares but their Oyster card has to be registered as being a young person’s card at a station before the discounts will be applied.


Free Attractions

Many people don’t realise that a lot of the big attractions in London are free. You can even visit Big Ben for free! A large number of the museums and galleries have no entry fee, including the Tate Modern and the National Gallery. Each of these attractions could easily take you all day if you see every piece in the building, so if you want to leave a donation on your way out then this is welcomed. However, it is in no way required!

Street Food

In London, there is a massive and growing culture of amazing street food. Whether it is on the South Bank of the Thames or at Camden Markets, there are food carts from all over the world popping up all over the capital.

The food from these markets is almost always much cheaper than a lunch you would buy in a restaurant. Even better, most vendors will let you try a small piece before buying the full meal! You could end up having a lunch entirely based on free samples!


Get Walking

If you are able, then it is often quicker (and obviously cheaper) to walk in London. Many people think they should get the underground everywhere, however, when travelling between nearby stations, such as between Leicester Square and Covent Garden, it is so much faster to walk. The walk between these stations is only 3 minutes, whereas it would take you far longer should you try to get the underground instead.