Hay fever can be a nightmare, especially over the summer months. Here are some things that you can do at home to help reduce the effects of hay fever.

Change Clothes When You Get Inside

When you go outside, especially for long periods of time, pollen can stick to you. Changing your clothes as soon as you get home is a great way to stop you from sneezing after you get back inside. Change your clothes and put them in the wash for good measure. Something about two birds and one stone.

Shake Your Coat Out

Pollen can also get stuck to your coat or jacket, especially if it has a hood. Shake it out outside before you go in and again, shake it outside before you put it back on. This will help ensure that you aren’t wearing what you’re allergic to.

Dry Your Clothes Inside

Again with the clothes. Pollen can also stick to your clothes if you hang them outside to dry. The perfect conditions for drying clothes (warm and windy) are also perfect conditions for hay fever. On a windy day a lot more pollen is blown around in the air. If you’ve got wet clothes hanging up outside, anything flung at it is going to stick.

If you don’t have a choice but to hang clothes outside, then avoid doing it early morning and late evening, as this is when pollen levels are at their highest. Also try shaking off the dry clothes outside before taking them in to try and get the worst of it off.

Rinse Your Hair

Pollen can also stick to hair. This can make things worse as it is so close to your face. Rinsing your hair throughout the day with water can help you get the pollen out. If you don’t have the option to rinse your hair or don’t want to rinse it with water alone, then tying up long hair can be a good idea to keep the worst of it out of your face.

Keep Pets Clean

Regularly brushing and washing your pets when they’ve been outside will help prevent as much pollen coming into your home as possible.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

Checking the weather forecast can tell you how much pollen will be around that day. If the pollen count isn’t mentioned, you will be able to find it online by looking up a local news or weather station.

Stay Indoors If Pollen Count is Severe

If the pollen count is extremely high, then it may be an idea to stay inside. This will not always be possible and it’s not ideal. But if you really can’t be bothered with it, it may be a good idea.

Keep Windows Closed

Ensuring that the doors and windows in your house are closed (where possible) will help ensure that minimal amounts of pollen get into your home. Sometimes this will not be possible if it is very warm outside. But again, try and keep as many windows and doors shut as possible in the early morning and late evening time.