With summer just around the corner, you may be wondering what you can do to make this year extra special. Here is a list of things that you could do in summer in Scotland.


This one may seem obvious, but thinking about it, I never go to the beach during summer. This is partly to do with the Scottish weather being sub-par most of the time. But even on those rare sunny days a venture to the beach could be fun, have a BBQ, eat ice cream and watch the sunset.

Music Festival

There aren’t any major music festivals in Scotland anymore (I’m talking T in the Park big) but there still are a lot of small ones that pack a punch. TRNSMT, Electric Frog Riverside Festival and Kelburn Garden Party are among some of the best summer festivals in Scotland at the moment.

Make Summer Cocktails

There’s something about the sun coming out that makes people want to drink and who can blame them? Nothing beats a drink in the sun. Beer gardens can be nice, but it can also be expensive getting in round after round of delicious cocktails. So why not take the beer garden home with you for a cheaper solution. Look up recipes online and see what inventive recipes you can come up with on your own.

Have a BBQ with Friends and Family

Summer is BBQ season and if you live in Scotland there is a very small window of opportunity for this to happen. So if you feel like the rest of the day is going to be an absolute belter, then invite your family and friends round for a BBQ.

Go Hiking

Scotland offers some of the most picturesque hills and mountains to go hiking on. take advantage of Scotland’s natural beauty and go for a hike. You will not be disappointed by the views. Just ensure that you take plenty of food and water and have suitable clothing in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Visit a Loch

As well as amazing mountains, Scotland also has some of the most amazing Loch’s the world has to offer. Loch Lomond is a train ride away from Glasgow and offers some of the most stunning walks and views that you could imagine. Get involved in some water sports or have a BBQ on the bonnie, bonnie banks.

Book a Weekend Away

If you want to see a different part of Scotland, then try booking a weekend trip away. There are many places in Scotland where you can still get reasonably priced accommodation over the summer months – you just need to know where to look. Try going to spots that are not regularly targeted towards tourists, or areas that are just outside of busy tourist areas. This is likely to get you the best deal.